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MTP / MTO Type
Male VS Female MTP Connectors
MTP® brand / MPO Connectors
The term MPO refers to an NTT developed optical connector built around the MT ferrule. There are different ferrules developed capable of holding specific numbers of fibers. For example, the MPO12 connector can house up to 12 fibers. Other MPO fiber counts exist covering the range of 4-72 fibers currently, in one ferrule. The MTP connector, compatible with the MPO, is an enhanced version of the MPO created by USConec and is a registered name of USConec. Though some people in the industry use the MPO and MTP terms interchangeably, technically speaking they should not.
SC Simplex & SC Duplex Types SC Connectors
Originally developed by NTT, the SC connector has a push/pull snap fit. The duplex SC connector uses the same mating profile as the simplex design. A number of SC suppliers actually clip simplex SC connectors together to form the duplex version.
LC Duplex Type LC Connectors
The LC connector, a small-form factor connector, features a ceramic ferrule and is a miniaturized version of the fiber-optic SC connector developed by Lucent. It looks just like the SC, but is half the size with a 1.25 mm ferrule instead of 2.5 mm.
FC Simplex Type FC Connectors
The FC connector has a screw-on mating style. Primarily used in the telecom industry, the FC is a robust, highly reliable design.
ST Simplex Type ST Connectors
Developed by AT&T, the ST connector (for Straight Tip) has been a perennial favorite for its termination simplicity and low cost.
MT-RJ Duplex Type MT-RJ Connectors
This connector is radically different than the other connectors shown, in large part, due to the single ferrule that handles two fibers. This is the first of the Small Form Factor (SFF) connector designs to reach a measure of market acceptance. The MT-RJ is a variation of the reliable MT-ferrule connector series, the first major multi-fiber ferrule design.
MMC Type TFOCA Connectors
The TFOCA (Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assembly) connector's unique design and environmentally protected design provides protection from high compressive tensile loads, dust and dirt.

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FDDI Duplex Type FDDI (MIC) Connectors
A ceramic ferrule based, duplex connector system.
ESCON Duplex Type ESCON Connectors
A ceramic ferrule based, duplex connector system developed by IBM for use in mainframe connectivity systems.
SMC Type SMC Connectors
The SMC connector, developed by Infineon Technologies, has been submitted to the TIA 604 standards body for review as an industry standard connector. The SMC connector is based on the MT ferrule and incorporates design features of the ESCON type connector. The SMC connector has several configuration styles, resulting in 3 body lengths, to allow for internal and external applications, on jacketed and / or unjacketed 12 fiber ribbon cable.
MMC Type MMC Connectors
The MMC connector is the industry's first viable 72 fiber connector. Utilizing 6 – 12 fiber MT ferrules, the MMC connector will find its way into high density interconnect applications in the telco and data center cabling environment.
MU Simplex Type MU Connectors
The MU connector, developed by NTT in Japan, is a Small Form Factor (SFF) connector, and can be considered a smaller SC style connector. It is based on a 1.25mm ceramic ferrule and is available in simplex, duplex and higher gangable styles.

Other Connectors (not shown):
• SMA 905/906: one of the first major connector styles used in optical interconnect
• Mini-BNC: a high quality optical connector but costly and rarely used
• D4: a good optical connector used occasionally in telephony applications
• Biconic style: the de-facto standard connector in the early years of telephony optics


Terms & Abbreviations

SM - Single-mode
MM - Multi-mode
PL - Physical Contact
UPL - Ultra Polish Physical Contact
APL - Angled Polish Physical Contact
SC - Subscriber Connector
LC - Lucent Connector
ST - Straight Tip Connector
FC - Ferrule Connector
MT-RJ - Mechanical Transfer Registered jack
MPO - Mechanical Pull-Off
MTP - Mechanical Transfer Pull-Off
FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interface
ESCON - Enterprise System Connection
HSSDC - High-Speed Serial Data Connector
IB - InfiniBand
IB4X - InfiniBand 4X
SFP - Small Form-Factor Pluggable
UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair
MFD - Mode-Field Diameter

Assembly Styles

Duplex Patch Cable Assembly Enlarge
Duplex Patch Cable Assembly

Duplex Patch Cable Assembly with Simplex Connectors Enlarge
Duplex Patch Cable Assembly with Simplex Connectors

Simplex Patch Cable Assembly Enlarge
Simplex Patch Cable Assembly

Simplex Pigtail Assembly Enlarge
Simplex Pigtail Assembly

Fiber Cable Types

  • Duplex zipcord style (2mm & 3mm diameter legs)
  • Simplex (2mm & 3mm diameter)
  • Duplex round style (2.8mm diameter)
  • Duplex round style (4.8mm diameter)
  • 900 micron buffered glass
  • Parallel ribbon & jacketed ribbon cable
  • Trunk cable up to 144 fibers
Polish Types / Typical Back Reflection

Polish Types / Typical Back Reflection

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