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Intermodal Dispersion
When different modes of light travel at different speeds or at different light paths along the same fiber, they will not be received at the same time. This would cause the signal to become distorted, a phenomenon known as intermodal dispersion. Learn More >

OM3 and OM4 Fiber Optic Cable
With each passing year demand for higher data rates in data center environments grow. More and more sophisticated equipment is introduced into the marketplace and more users need access to data center services. Today, we are able to transmit data within the data center at 10 Gig / second using multimode fiber. Learn More >

Plenum vs. Non-Plenum Cable
Cable fire ratings are something often overlooked when your cable purchase is made, only to be scrutinized by building inspectors after the installation. The National Electric Code articles 700-800 specify flammability ratings for certain installation situations, but muddle the issue by allowing substitutions to be made among their rating systems. Learn More >

Fiber Installation Made Easy with the MTP® brand Solution
The FCA-MTP "Plug and Play" module cassette has been designed to utilize a modular fiber enclosure within a rack-mount or wall-mount interconnect enclosure. The module cassettes are available in several configurations. Learn More >

Fiber Optic Applications & Features:

  • Data Networks
  • Telecom Systems
  • Cable Television Transmission
  • Factory assembled in controlled conditions
  • End-face geometry inspection using latest interferometer techniques
  • Assemblies tested using RIFOCS automated bench-top insertion loss
    and back reflection  test methods

Fiber Optics Information

Fiber Optic Cable Construction
There are two basic designs in terms of construction for fiber optic cables .
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Guides & References Fiber Optic Guides & References
Helpful guides to fiber optics including information about glass types, fiber optic connectors and cabling.
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Terms & Glossary Fiber Optic Glossary of Terms
All of the terms and acronyms you need to know regarding fiber optics.
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Fiber Polish Types Fiber Optic Connector Polishing
Minimizing back reflection is of great importance in high-speed and analog fiber optic links.
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History Fiber Optics History
In 1870, scientist John Tyndall gave a demonstration about the internal reflection of light within a jet of water.
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